Make Your Family & Friends Feel Like Rockstars at Your Party

Myster AJ’s Magic Show

Myster AJ’s 40 minute group show empowers, engages, and enlightens.  It is, of course, all about creating an awesome day for the birthday kid.   And it’s not just a magic show; you get suspense, clean comedy, juggling, clowning, puppetry, music, and just plain silly antics. For those 40 minutes, everyone will be ignited and energized! By the end of the show, it’s the parents (who thought magic wasn’t cool) are hanging on every word!

Show Options and Add Ons

Signature 40 Minute Show

  • Fast Paced unique show tailored to age range and audience
  • Loaded with audience participation
  • Professional Sound System & Quick Setup
  • No Live Animals
  • Birthday Child Helps Start and End the Show

Strolling, Close Up Magic

Whether its prior to the big show, or over several hours throughout your event, Myster AJ can mingle with your group and bring the experience of magic right to them. People of all ages will get to participate with the magic in their hands, causing laughter and cheering from every corner of your party. Perfect for large house parties, block party events, and more.

Balloon Workshop Finale

After AJ’s Magic Show, or in addition to strolling magic,
Myster AJ can provide each child at your event with a balloon and teach them to make a balloon animal. This is a great way to keep your kids (or adults) occupied at your party after the magic show ends. This additional program runs for about 15 minutes and is a great way for each participant to walk away with a cool balloon, and the knowledge of how to make it in the future.